The length of your pregnancy will determine which abortion options are available to you:

  • Up to 9 weeks: medical abortion
  • Up to 12 weeks: manual vacuum aspiration
  • 9-18 weeks: surgical abortion

You should see a doctor as soon as you can after discovering you are pregnant in order to ensure that you have as many options as possible.

Although the timing will influence the types of termination that can be performed, there are also some other factors to consider when comparing your abortion options. You will have three main options to consider:

  • A medical abortion involves taking two different pills, 24 hours apart. The medication will induce your uterus to expel the pregnancy. This is usually the simplest and safest option.
  • Manual vacuum aspiration uses gentle vacuum pump to remove the pregnancy through your cervix. It can be a good option in early pregnancy if you can’t take the drugs used during a medical abortion.
  • A surgical abortion is a simple procedure to remove the pregnancy through the cervix. It doesn’t require any incisions, but you will usually need a general anaesthetic. Surgical abortions are usually only carried out when the other options aren’t possible as it is the most serious procedure.

If you are considering an abortion, you should discuss each of these options with your doctor so that you can choose the right one for you.

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Medical Abortion

Abortion carried out by medicine rather than surgery.

Surgical Abortion

The procedure is done with general anesthesia and oral pain-relieving medications.

STD Consultation

Diagnosis and treatment of early pregnancy problems including abortion, sexually transmitted infections (STIs).