Taking the Abortion Pill

When you are considering your options for pregnancy termination, it is important to know what to expect from each method. If you are up to nine weeks pregnant when you decide to have a termination, your doctor will probably recommend that you opt for a medical termination. You can ask for a surgical abortion instead, but taking the abortion pill avoids the need for an anaesthetic, so it is usually the best choice unless there are medical reasons that make it unsafe for you to have a medical abortion. Continue reading Taking the Abortion Pill

What Happens During a Surgical Abortion?

On your first visit to a surgical abortion clinic in London, your doctor will perform some routine tests and explain your options for termination in detail. If you are between 9 and 18 weeks pregnant, you will probably be advised to have a surgical abortion if you decide to have a termination. Your doctor might also recommend a surgical termination before nine weeks in some cases. Continue reading What Happens During a Surgical Abortion?