Longer Term Options for Contraception

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Contraception comes in many different forms, some of which have to be used every day or every time you have sex, and some that can work for months, years, or even permanently. How long acting you want your contraception to be is one of the factors that you will be encouraged to consider when you seek contraception advice at our London clinic.

Why Choose Longer Term Contraception?

Finding the contraception that fits your lifestyle is important, so this is one of the issues that you will discuss when you visit the London clinic for contraception advice. The longer term options can be particularly useful if you travel a lot, you lead a busy justify, or you have struggled with other types of contraception in the past.

Understanding Your Options

If you decide that a longer acting contraceptive is right for you, there are several different options available. Private abortion You can learn more about these when you seek contraception advice at our clinic in London, but there are two main categories.
The first involves hormonal contraception, which works in the same way as the contraceptive pill. However, these longer term forms of hormonal contraception don’t require you to take a pill or apply a patch. Instead, a small implant, coil or other device will be inserted into your body, where it will keep releasing the hormones that stop you from getting pregnant. These types of contraception can keep working for months or even years at a time, so they can be very convenient and easy to use.

The second option is a more permanent one. Female sterilisation or a vasectomy can prevent any need to use contraception in the future, except as protection against sexually transmitted infections. However, it is important to be very sure that this is the right option for you as it involves a surgical procedure and is usually permanent. However, if you are sure that you do not want to have children in the future, sterilisation can be the most effective and convenient choice.

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