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Common Myths about Abortion

Attitudes to awareness have changed a lot over the last few decades. We are much more open and understanding now about the fact that pregnancy isn’t always something planned and how important it is for women to have different options. However, there are still some common myths about abortion that can make it seem like a more frightening and risky procedure that it really is. Here are some of the myths that need to be corrected so that we can be more open and honest about abortion and its effects.

Myths about Abortion

Abortion is Dangerous:

The idea that abortion is dangerous for women probably dates back to the days when ending a pregnancy was illegal. Women turned to all kinds of dangerous methods to try to end their unplanned pregnancies. Many sadly suffered permanent injuries or died as a result. Today, abortion is a very safe and legal medical procedure. It is actually safer to have an abortion than to continue with the pregnancy and give birth.

Women who Have Abortions Are All Young, Single and Irresponsible:

All kinds of women have abortions, for all kinds of reasons. Some are older mothers who aren’t able to manage another child, others are happily married or in steady relationships but unable to take care of a child for personal, professional or financial reasons. In fact, about half of the women who have abortions in the UK already have at least one child. Some women who have abortions are young, single and not ready for a child. Some did forget to use contraception, but just over half of the women who have abortions in the UK were using at least one form of contraception when they got pregnant. All of these reasons are equally valid, but it is a myth that only some of these women would want to end their pregnancy.

All Women Regret Abortions:

Everyone feels differently about their experiences, including abortion. Some women do feel regret, even when they know that they made the right decision for themselves and their families. However, many women will simply feel relieved and certain about their choice. How an abortion affects you can depend on your reasons for having it, when and how the abortion was performed, and whether you got enough support from the people around you. It’s important to remember that pregnancy can have just as big an impact on women’s mental wellbeing too. Women can regret continuing with their pregnancy or experience issues such as post-natal depression. The key thing to remember is that women who are able to make a free and informed choice are happier with their decisions in the long term, whether they choose to end the pregnancy or to continue with it.

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