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Do Abortion Pills Have Side Effects in the Future?

The abortion pill is the most common option used for pregnancy termination in the UK as it is very safe and can be used early in the pregnancy, when most abortions are performed. However, as with any medical treatment there is a small risk of side effects.

abortion pills

Short Term Side Effects

The potential risks of the abortion pill will be explained in detail by your abortion specialist before you have the treatment. Although the risks are very low, there is a chance that you could experience the following side effects after taking the pills:

The doctor can provide advice on:

  • An allergic reaction to the medication
  • Heavier bleeding than expected
  • Blood clots forming in the uterus
  • Tissue left behind in the uterus
  • An infection

If you are experiencing symptoms such as severe pain, heavy bleeding or a fever after taking the abortion pill then you should consult your abortion specialist.

Long Term Side Effects

The abortion pill won’t usually have any long term effects on your health, fertility or any future pregnancies.

Some women do experience longer term emotional or mental effects after an abortion, but these experiences are very personal. Most women who make an informed choice to end their pregnancy after careful consideration will feel that they made the right decision in the future.

However, if you experience serious complications after the abortion then there is a very small chance that it could have a longer term impact. In most cases, this happens when women don’t receive the right aftercare. For example, a uterine infection that is ignored could cause long term damage or fertility problems if it isn‘t quickly cleared up with antibiotics. As long as you are aware of the potential side effects and you seek help as soon as you notice any, the long term risks are very low. In fact, you are less likely to experience long term health problems after an abortion than if you give birth.

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