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Getting Blood Tests at Your Initial Abortion Consultation

Getting Blood Tests at Your Initial Abortion Consultation

During your initial consultation before a private abortion, you will have several medical tests as well as a chance to talk to the doctor. You will be asked about your medical history, you may have a physical examination and an ultrasound, and a sample of your blood will be taken to be typed and tested.


Blood Tests

Having a blood test is relatively quick and painless. A needle will be inserted into your arm, near the elbow. You may feel a sensation a bit like a sharp pinch. A small sample of blood will be taken, but not enough to make you feel ill. The amount taken is much less than when you donate blood.

The sample will be tested to check which blood group you are and to look for potential issues such as anaemia and sickle cell disease. The information produced by the blood tests could be very important if you experience any complications during the procedure. Although it is rare to experience serious problems during a private abortion, it is always possible with any kind of treatment or medical procedure. The results of your blood test will help your doctor to minimise the risks and to react quickly in the event that you do need additional care, such as a blood transfusion.

Sexual Health Check

The results of your blood tests can also help to identify any sexually transmitted infections your might be carrying. It is also a good idea to have a complete sexual health check if you have had unprotected sex, just in case. Your doctor will want to ensure that you are treated for any infections before you have a private abortion, particularly if you are going to undergo a surgical termination. It is also important for your health and future fertility to ensure that any STIs are treated as soon as possible. Often all it takes to get rid of the infection is a simple course of antibiotics.

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