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Having a Mirena IUS Fitted

Having a Mirena IUS Fitted

If you decide that the Mirena IUS is the right form of contraception for you, it will need to be fitted by a doctor or nurse. The process should take about 20 minutes.

The Mirena IUS can be fitted at any time in your menstrual cycle. However, unless it is fitted in the first seven days of your menstrual cycle, it can take a week for the IUS to start protecting you against pregnancy. This means that you will need to use condoms or another form of contraception until then.

When you have the Mirena IUS fitted, your doctor will begin by performing an internal exam. It is important to check the size and position of your uterus so that the IUS can be fitted in the right place. A speculum will then be used to hold open the opening of the vagina so that the IUS can be inserted. This is the same instrument that is used when you have a cervical smear, so you may already be familiar with the sensation. The Mirena IUS will be inserted through the cervix and into the womb.

Having an IUS fitted can feel uncomfortable, and some women do experience pain or discomfort during the procedure. You can talk to your doctor about pain relief before the fitting. Taking painkillers before the procedure can help, but most women decide not to have a local anaesthetic as the injection itself can be more painful than the procedure. However, you may want to consider this option, particularly if you are feeling anxious about the procedure.

You will need to come back to have your new IUS checked after about three to six weeks. Once the IUS is protecting you against pregnancy, you won’t have to do anything more or to pause before sex to think about contraception.

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