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How Do Women Feel When Thinking About Abortion?

It is difficult to generalise about the emotional states of women who are thinking of abortion, since every situation and individual is unique. You might feel very differently if you are considering abortion for medical reasons during a planned pregnancy than if you are thinking about ending an unexpected pregnancy.


Common Emotions When Thinking About Abortion

Some of the feelings you might experience while considering your options include:

  • Anxiety about making the right choice or the potential impact on your life
  • Anger about being in this situation
  • Sadness or grief
  • Worry about what the termination will involve or the potential risks
  • Blaming yourself, your contraception or your partner for the situation
  • Confusion about your options or the best choice for you

You should allow some time to consider your feelings as you make your decision. It can also help to discuss them with your partner, a friend or family member, as well as with your doctor. How you feel is important and it is vital that you take care of yourself. However, you shouldn’t expect to feel a certain way or think that there is a right way to feel about abortion.

How You Might Feel Afterwards

The way you feel after making your decision can also vary a great deal. Whether you decide to continue with the pregnancy or to have an abortion, you may at times experience some regret or unhappiness. However, you may also feel happy and sure that you made the right decision for you. Both abortion and parenthood can have a significant impact on your emotions, but there is no evidence that either option is more harmful for your mental wellbeing. As long as you consider the options carefully and feel in control of the decision, you should generally feel happy with your choice. However, if you do experience any emotional issues after an abortion or having a baby, it is important to seek support from your doctor, friends or family.

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