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How to Prepare for Your Surgical Abortion?

If you are planning to have a surgical termination, then you will need to spend some time at the abortion clinic for the procedure. You won’t usually need to stay overnight when you have a surgical procedure to terminate pregnancy, but you should be prepared to be at the clinic for several hours.

Preparing for Surgical Abortion

Preparing for the Abortion

Surgical abortion is a fairly simple procedure, but you still need to prepare for it carefully. You will be given specific instructions by your doctor during the initial consultation at the 132 Healthwise clinic. The preparations will depend on the exact method that is being used to terminate pregnancy and the kind of anaesthetic you will be given.

Your doctor will give you more specific advice, but generally for any surgical termination, you should avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure and 48 hours afterwards. If you’re having a general anaesthetic, you will also need to avoid eating for 6 hours before the treatment. You shouldn’t drink anything other than clear liquids during these 6 hours and you should avoid drinking anything at all for the last 2 hours before the procedure.

It is also a good idea to avoid smoking before having a surgical procedure, as it can interfere with the healing process. If you’re taking certain kinds of medication, your doctor may advise some changes before the procedure.

What to Bring with You When You Have a Surgical Abortion?

You should make sure that you bring the following when you attend the clinic to have a surgical abortion:

  • Any relevant paperwork including details of your medical insurance or payment
  • Any medication that you take, such as an asthma inhaler
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Glasses and contact lens equipment if you use them (you should remove contact lenses before the procedure, especially if you’re having an anaesthetic)
  • Something to distract you while you’re waiting, such as a book, phone, music, or magazines
  • Sanitary pads (you shouldn’t use tampons after an abortion)
  • Extra pair of underwear

Bringing a Friend to the Abortion Clinic

You can ask a friend, partner or relative to accompany you to the hospital when you have a surgical termination. It can be helpful to have someone there with you while you’re waiting. Although they won’t be able to come into the room while you’ve having the procedure, it can still be good to know that they are nearby. Even if you don’t want them to be at the clinic the whole time, it is important to arrange for someone to pick you up after the procedure. After having a sedative or general anaesthetic, you will be feeling drowsy so you must have someone to help you to get home safely.

If you have any questions about the procedure or how to prepare for a surgical abortion, then you can always get in touch with your doctor at the 132 Healthwise clinic. You’ll also get more advice on preparation during the initial consultation when you decide to terminate pregnancy with a surgical procedure.

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