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Medical Abortions now More Common Than Surgical Terminations

If you are considering pregnancy termination then there are several different options available at abortion clinics in London, including both medical and surgical abortions. Although surgical abortions were once performed more often, medical abortions have now become more common in London.

medical abortion vs surgical termination

More Medical Abortions

One of the most dramatic changes observed at medical and surgical abortion clinics in London in recent years has been the increase in women having medical abortions rather than surgical ones. According to one recent survey, the proportion of women having medical abortions rather than surgical terminations has changed dramatically. In 2006, only about 30% of pregnancy terminations carried out in the UK were performed using the abortion pill. By 2016, this number had increased to 62%. The reasons for this change may lie in the differences between these types of termination.

Medical vs. Surgical Abortions

Medical abortions can be the best choice as they simply involve taking two types of medication, two days apart. However, the abortion pill can only be used up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and they are not suitable for all women. You may not be able to have a medical abortion if you have certain medical conditions or you’ve experienced an allergic reaction to the drugs previously. Surgical abortion clinics in London can provide two alternatives to the abortion pill. You can have a surgical termination or manual vacuum aspiration. Both of these procedures can be performed after 12 weeks and involve physical removal of the womb contents while you are sedated or under an anaesthetic. Neither form of surgical termination requires any incisions or stitches and as with medical abortion, the risk of complications is low. It is important to understand all of these options and to discuss them with your doctor so that you can find the right one for you.

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