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Providing Support Following Pregnancy Termination

Providing Support Following Pregnancy Termination

If your friend or partner is about to undergo a pregnancy termination, you are probably wondering how best you can support her after the procedure. Although everyone feels different after having a termination, there are some simple, practical ways that you can help out in addition to providing any emotional support that is required.

After a Medical Abortion

A medical abortion involves taking two different pills, two days apart. After having this kind of pregnancy termination, it is important to have someone with you overnight to ensure there aren’t any serious complications. Most women will just experience a small amount of bleeding and cramping, a bit like having a period, but if there is any severe pain or bleeding, you can be there to call the doctor or take your partner to the nearest accident and emergency department. You can also help by ensuring that your friend takes the painkillers and antibiotics that have been prescribed.

After a Surgical Abortion

If your partner is having a surgical abortion, she will need someone over 18 to pick her up after the procedure. Your friend or partner will need someone to ensure she gets home safely and she may be a little drowsy from the anaesthetic for up to 24 hours. As with a medical pregnancy termination, there will be some bleeding and discomfort, but you should seek medical help if it becomes severe. Your friend will have painkillers and antibiotics to take, and will need to rest for at least a day, so it can be helpful if you are able to take some time off work to take care of her.Looking after someone who has had a pregnancy termination is an important job, but it is important to take care of yourself too, particularly if you are caring for your partner. It is difficult to know how you might react emotionally after the termination, so you might want to call in a third party to help out in case you aren’t feeling up to it or you need someone to talk to while your partner is recovering.

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