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You do not have to tell your GP if you have a pregnancy termination, but it can be a good idea to consider informing them about any medical procedures or treatments you undergo elsewhere.

Reasons to Tell Your Doctor about Abortion

You might choose to see your usual family doctor before visiting an abortion clinic because:

  • You’ve missed a period and you don’t know why. Some women only find out they are pregnant when they ask their doctor to investigate changes in their menstrual cycle.
  • You want confirmation that you are pregnant
  • You find it easier to talk to a familiar doctor about your options for an unplanned pregnancy

Your GP can provide a letter of referral for an abortion clinic. However, you can also choose to refer yourself to the clinic without seeing your GP. You might still want to inform your GP about your abortion, especially if there were any complications or issues such as an ectopic pregnancy. Although it is very rare for an abortion to affect your health or fertility, it can be easier for your doctor to provide the right care when they are fully informed about your medical history.

Reasons Not to Tell Your GP about an Abortion

Although seeing your GP is often the first step when you find out you are unexpectedly pregnant, some women prefer to see a different doctor instead. You might be worried that your GP could react negatively or that they could tell other people if you have an abortion. These concerns are usually unfounded since:

  • If your usual GP is not willing to assist with pregnancy terminations, they must refer you to another doctor who can help
  • All doctors must keep your medical information completely confidential, so they cannot tell your partner, family or anyone else about your pregnancy or abortion.

However, you may still decide that you would rather not discuss the abortion with your doctor for personal reasons. For example, if your GP is also a family friend, you might feel uncomfortable if they know that you have had an abortion.

It is completely up to you whether you tell your GP or not. The abortion clinic won’t communicate with your GP or anyone else without your consent.

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