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Taking the Abortion Pill

Taking the Abortion Pill

When you are considering your options for pregnancy termination, it is important to know what to expect from each method. If you are up to nine weeks pregnant when you decide to have a termination, your doctor will probably recommend that you opt for a medical termination. You can ask for a surgical abortion instead, but taking the abortion pill avoids the need for an anaesthetic, so it is usually the best choice unless there are medical reasons that make it unsafe for you to have a medical abortion.

A medical termination requires two different visits to the abortion clinic in London, as there are two different medications to take, which must be taken two days apart. You will also need to see your doctor for an initial consultation, during which you will discuss your options and undergo a medical assessment.

During the first appointment for your medical termination, you will be given the abortion pill, mefipristone, which is taken orally. Mefipristone starts to separate the placenta from the lining of your womb and softens the cervix. After taking the abortion pill at the London clinic, you will be able to go about your usual routine. Some women experience a little bit of mild cramping or bleeding, but most don’t notice any changes.

When you come back to the London clinic two days later, you will be given another medication, misoprostol. Misoprostol is given as a pessary, a pill that is inserted into your vagina. It causes the uterus to contract, which pushes the contents out. You should experience bleeding and some cramping, which will start about two hours after you take the pessary. This should only last for a couple of hours, although it can take a little longer. You can stay in the hospital until the abortion is complete, or go home after taking the pessary, if you prefer.

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