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The Dangers of Buying Abortion Pills Online

Recent reports suggest that increasing numbers of women are buying the abortion pill online, rather than seeking treatment through the NHS or a private abortion clinic in London. Although it might seem easier to buy the pills online and take them at home, it is important to be aware that this is both dangerous and illegal.


The Risks of Online Medication

Buying medication online is always a big risk. It is impossible to be sure what you are getting. Even if the pill you receive contains the right drug, it might not have been produced to the same standards as the medication you would get from your doctor. Sourcing your medication online also means that you are taking it without the advice and support of a doctor. When you visit an abortion clinic in London, the doctor will provide advice on your options and ensure that the treatment is medically appropriate for you. You will also be treated at the clinic, where the doctor will be ready to help in case there are any problems.

The Legal Risks

In addition to the medical risks of buying drugs online, there are legal issues too. If you are having a pregnancy termination in the UK, you must obtain the consent of two doctors. You must also be treated at a clinic or hospital. It is therefore illegal to obtain the medication online and to treat yourself at home.

In the UK, there are many safe and legal ways to have an abortion. You can obtain treatment via your GP, your local sexual health clinic, or a private clinic. The abortion pill will be free if you are treated on the NHS, so it is more affordable than buying the pill online. If you are looking for a more convenient or comfortable option than the NHS, then you can opt for a private abortion clinic in London. You will receive the highest quality of care and all the support that you need.

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