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The Other Effects of Birth Control Pills

The Other Effects of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are one of the most effective forms of contraception, but when you take these pills they can do more than just prevent you from getting pregnant. The birth control pill can have both positive and negative effects on your body.

The Positive Effects

The main reason for taking birth control pills is to prevent pregnancy, but there are two other important benefits that these pills can have. Firstly, taking the birth control pill can make your period much lighter and more predictable. You will only have your period when you come to end of the packet, so you will always know which day it will start on. It is also possible to run two packets of pills together with some forms of oral contraception, so you may be able to skip a period if you are planning an important event or holiday. The second benefit of taking oral contraception is that it can help to improve your skin and clear up spots and acne. Some women actually start taking the pill more for these benefits than because they want to change their contraception.

The Negative Effects

Although taking the pill is a very positive experience for many women, there is always a risk of side effects with any medication. Birth control pills can cause some mild symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, or breast tenderness, which usually go away after the first few months. There is also a smaller risk of more serious side effects, including raised blood pressure and blood clots, which means that some women aren’t able to take the combined contraceptive pill. Your doctor might recommend that you avoid the pill if you are a smoker over 35, you suffer from migraines, you have a condition like heart disease, or you are taking certain kinds of medications.

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