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Tips on Travelling to London for an Abortion

Although most of the women who visit the abortion clinic in London are local, many women have travelled further to be treated at their chosen clinic. If you are travelling to London to have a termination, it is important to be prepared properly for your stay.


How Long Will You Need to Be in London?

One important factor to consider if you are travelling to London to visit the abortion clinic is how long you will need to stay here. You cannot simply arrive on the day of your termination. You will need at least two appointments:

  • Initial consultation and check up to discuss your options and arrange the abortion
  • Two further appointments, two days apart, for a medical abortion
  • One additional appointment for a surgical abortion, plus recovery time

You should plan to spend at least a day recovering after the procedure, before travelling home. You need to rest and you should remain within reach of your doctor in case there are any complications.

Where Will You Stay in London?

Although the treatment itself will be performed at the abortion clinic in London, you will need to ensure you have a comfortable place to recover afterwards. If you have a friend or relative in London, you might want to consider staying with them, but some people prefer the privacy of a hotel or a short-term rental instead. You should plan to rest for at least a day after your treatment, especially if you have had a general anaesthetic, so choose somewhere you will feel safe and comfortable..

Do You Have The Support You Need?

Having someone to support you before and after your abortion is important, but it can be more difficult to get the help you need if you are away from home. You might want to arrange for your partner or a friend to come to London with you, if you don’t know anyone who lives here. This is essential if you are having a surgical abortion as you will need to have someone to help you home after the procedure. It is best if they can stay with you overnight while you are recovering from the anaesthetic.

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