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What Are the Risks of An Abortion?

Both medical and surgical abortions are very safe procedures, but as with any kind of medical treatment there is a very small risk of complications. The risks are slightly higher for a surgical abortion than a medical one, but this is partly because surgical abortions tend to be performed later at the abortion clinic in London. The risks of abortion are higher later in the pregnancy. However, for most women the risks associated with abortion are actually lower than those involved in having a baby.


Heavy bleeding is one of the more common complications, but it still only affects about one in a thousand women who are treated at the abortion clinic in London. Some bleeding is normal, but if you experience severe pain, very heavy bleeding, or bleeding that lasts more than two weeks, you should consult your doctor.


Another risk that you should be aware of is infection. A pre-existing infection might get worse after an abortion, or some tissue left behind in the womb might trigger a new infection. Using sanitary pads and avoiding sex for a couple of weeks can reduce the risk, but you still need to be aware of the signs. If you start feeling unwell or develop a fever you should see your doctor. Untreated infections could lead to serious problems, such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can cause serious problems including infertility. As long as they are treated, most infections are easily cleared up with antibiotics.

Other Risks

Other potential complications include damage to your cervix or womb. If the damage is serious, it could affect your fertility. Repeated abortions could also increase the risk of having a late miscarriage during future pregnancies. However, only a small number of women will experience complications after treatment at the abortion clinic in London. Your doctor will explain the risks in detail and provide personalised advice on what to expect from the procedure.

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