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What are the Symptoms of Syphilis?

Syphilis is a highly infectious STI that can have very serious consequences if it is left untreated. It is therefore vital that you know how to recognise the signs so that you can seek the sexually transmitted infections treatment you need to eliminate syphilis. Syphilis causes different symptoms depending on how long you have had the infection.

First Stage

During the first stage, it causes small, painless sores around the mouth or genital area. These sores don’t hurt, but they are very infectious. This is the stage at which syphilis spreads most easily, so if you notice any sores on yourself or your partner you should avoid sexual contact and seek sexually transmitted infections treatment immediately.

Second Stage

The sores usually go away within about six weeks. During the second stage of syphilis, you may notice some mild symptoms, such as a blotchy red rash on your hands or the soles of your feet, white patches inside your mouth, small growths that look like genital warts, swollen glands, patches of hair loss, or a slight fever and flu like symptoms. After a few weeks, these symptoms will go away too, but the infection is still there.

Late Stage

Many people experience a long symptom-free period following these initial stages, but the infection can show itself again many years later. The effects of this late stage syphilis can be very serious. It can cause heart problems, paralysis, or blindness.

Treatment for Syphilis

If you experience any of these symptoms or if you suspect you’ve been exposed to syphilis, you should see your doctor for sexually transmitted infections treatment. Syphilis can be detected by a simple blood test, even during the symptom free stage, and as it is a bacterial infection it can be treated with antibiotics. Getting treated will help stop the spread of syphilis and it will prevent the serious symptoms associated with late stage syphilis.

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