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What Does It Mean to Have a Surgical Abortion?

The term surgery can be frightening, but having a surgical pregnancy termination is probably not as scary as you think. Although the procedure is a form of surgery, it doesn’t involve any incisions or stitches. You might not even need to have a general anaesthetic.

Surgical Pregnancy Termination

The Surgical Abortion Procedure

When you have a surgical pregnancy termination, the contents of your womb will simply be removed through your cervix. The doctor will give you some medication to dilate or open your cervix. You will usually take this the day before the termination, although it can sometimes be given on the morning before the procedure. You may be given a general anaesthetic so that you will sleep through the procedure, but it is safe to perform some kinds of surgical abortion with just a local anaesthetic. The operation will then begin. The doctor will insert specially designed instruments or a vacuum suction tube through your vagina and into your womb. The contents will then be removed through your vagina, with no need for any incisions.

What Makes This a Surgical Procedure?

The reasons why this is considered a surgical abortion is that the term surgery means something slightly different to doctors than it does to the general public. The medical definition of surgery simply refers to any kind of physical procedure or operation performed with instruments. Surgical procedures don’t always involve incisions, general anaesthetic or operating theatres. Some kinds of surgery are very quick and simple, like surgical pregnancy termination.

Once you understand what actually happens during a surgical abortion, the procedure can seem a lot simpler and less scary. The procedure is very safe and it is usually over in just ten minutes. You won’t need to have any incisions and you won’t be left with a surgical scar.

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