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What Happens if an Abortion Fails?

Although it is rare, there is a small chance that an abortion may fail to end the pregnancy or that some material may remain in the womb afterwards. It is important to be aware of these risks and what to do if you are affected.

Continuing Pregnancy After an Abortion

Both medical and surgical abortions are very effective, but there is a less than 1% chance that the pregnancy may continue after a termination.

Signs of a continuing pregnancy after an abortion include:

  • You continue to experience pregnancy symptoms
  • You miss another period
  • You have a positive pregnancy test (after 3-4 weeks when your hormones should have returned to normal)
  • It was confirmed with an ultrasound scan

If you suspect that you are still pregnant after a termination, you should contact the abortion clinic in London for advice. You will need to repeat the abortion in order to end the pregnancy. The doctor may recommend:

  • Trying another medical termination if you took the abortion pill before
  • Repeating the manual vacuum aspiration or surgical abortion procedures
  • Changing to a different type of termination/li>

Having to repeat the abortion can be very upsetting, so it is important to seek support at the abortion clinic in London if you need it.

Incomplete Abortion

Even if the pregnancy has ended, there can sometimes be some material left in your womb. It is usually part of your womb lining that formed a large clot before it could be shed and so became stuck in the uterus or cervix. An incomplete abortion happens in about 5% of all abortions. You could be affected if you experience the following symptoms after the termination:

  • Bleeding or cramping that is more severe than expected
  • Bleeding for more than 3 weeks
  • Heavy bleeding, especially if it happens suddenly

You should contact your doctor at the abortion clinic in London as soon as possible if you notice these signs of an incomplete abortion. You will need treatment right away to prevent further blood loss or other complications. The doctor may recommend:

  • Medication to encourage your uterus to contract
  • Manual vacuum aspiration or dilation and curettage to remove the material from your womb

Although these treatments use the same methods as an abortion, this is not a second termination as you are no longer pregnant.

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