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What Happens When You Get an STI Test?

If you’ve never had an STI test before then you may be wondering what will happen or even worrying that it could be painful or embarrassing. STI testing is actually a very simple process that is just like having any other kind of medical test.

When Should You Get Tested for STIs?

Anyone who has been sexually active could have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Any kind of sexual activity can transmit an STI and some infections can also be passed from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth. If you are sexually active then it is a good idea to get screened for STIs, but there are some times when it is particularly important to get tested.

You should arrange an STI test if:

  • You have symptoms that could be caused by an STI then you should get tested right away. You might have an STI if you have sores or blisters, itchiness, unusual discharge, or if you’re in pain during sex or when urinating.
  • Your partner or a previous partner has been diagnosed with an STI. It’s a good idea to get checked even if you’ve always used condoms, just in case.
  • You are pregnant and planning to keep the baby. Some STIs can cause serious complications for you and your baby, including miscarriage, premature birth and blindness so you should get tested and treated for any STIs.
  • You are pregnant and considering an abortion. It’s important to treat any STIs before you have a termination to reduce the risk of complications.
  • You are sexually active. If you are having sex with anyone then you should be tested for STIs. Even if you only have one partner, use condoms, or are symptom free, you could still have an STI. As a general rule, it’s best to get tested as often as you change partners and to ask your new partner to get screened for STIs too.

Getting Tested for STIs

When you visit the 132 Healthwise clinic for STI testing, the appointment will usually begin with a few questions about your health and sex life. Asking these questions can help the doctor to work out which tests you might need, as different kinds of STIs can have different effects. Mr Michael Stafford is a friendly and experienced doctor who will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the appointment, so you should relax and be honest when answering.

You might have the following tests:

  • Urine test
  • Blood test (which may just be a finger prick)
  • Cheek swab to test for HIV or oral infections
  • Urethral swab
  • Anal swab (if you’re had anal sex)
  • Vaginal swabs (for women)
  • Examination of your genitals
  • Swabs from any sores

STI Testing for Women

STI screening is especially important for women because many sexually transmitted infections can cause serious problems even if there aren’t any noticeable symptoms. You could suffer from issues such as infertility or miscarriage if you have an untreated STI.

Women may need to have an extra STI test, which is a swab from the vagina. You will usually be able to take this by yourself, with the doctor’s instructions. However, if you need a swab from the urethra (the tube where you pass urine) then the doctor will need to perform it for you. Urethral swabs can be uncomfortable, but they are quick and shouldn’t be very painful.

STI Testing for Men

Many men feel anxious about having an STI test or worry that it might be invasive or painful. However, testing for STIs in men is a very simple process. The doctor may need to take a swab from your urethra (where urine comes out), but this shouldn’t hurt. It might feel a bit strange or uncomfortable, but it will be over in a few seconds and it could protect you against potentially serious STIs.

Arranging STI Testing

It’s very easy to arrange STI testing in London. Many clinics, including free GUM clinics can perform the tests and provide STI treatment if necessary. If you’re looking for a discrete and comfortable private clinic in London for STI testing, then you should make an appointment at 132 Healthwise. Mr Michael Stafford will ensure that you get the appropriate tests and treatment. If you are pregnant and need STI tests then he can also help you to explore your options.

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