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What You Might Not Know About Visiting an Abortion Clinic in London

What You Might Not Know About Visiting an Abortion Clinic in London

Not knowing what to expect when you visit an abortion clinic in London can add to your worries at what can already be a stressful time, particularly if you have seen a clinic portrayed negatively on television or in a film. Even if you think you know what an abortion clinic is like, you might be surprised

There is no “type” of woman who terminates a pregnancy. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and personal situations visit our abortion clinic in London. Some of them are single, some of them are in relationships, and some are married, and they have chosen to terminate their pregnancies for many different reasons.

An abortion clinic is not a scary place. Visiting an abortion clinic isn’t actually very different to seeing your doctor for any other reason. You will be treated sensitively, by a doctor who understands your needs, in a clean and professional environment. Our abortions takes place at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, which is a bright, welcoming hospital where you will feel well cared for and respected by everyone you meet, from the administrative staff to the nurses and doctors.

All abortions are not the same. Several different termination procedures are available to end a pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you on the best option for you, which could depend on your medical history, your personal preferences, and how many weeks pregnant you are when you have the procedure. You might have a medical termination, vacuum aspiration, or a surgical procedure.

Every visit to an abortion clinic in London does not involve a termination. Some of the women who visit us are in search of contraception advice, while others are still considering their options after discovering that they are pregnant. In some cases, we also see women for an initial consultation before arranging the termination procedure at a different time, either due to the nature of the procedure or because she needs more time to consider her decision. We never rush our patients or push them in a particular direction.

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