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Who Can You Bring With You to the Abortion Clinic?

If you are visiting an abortion clinic for a consultation or to undergo a pregnancy termination, you can bring someone with you to provide support.

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What Can Your Companion Do?

Bringing someone with you to the clinic can help you to feel more comfortable about your visit. You will have someone you know on hand to talk to and support you. However, they won’t be able to be with you all the time. The person you bring will need to be patient while you are talking with the doctor or undergoing the treatment. It is important for the doctor to talk to you by yourself in order to ensure that you are able to speak openly and make your own decision about pregnancy termination. You will also need to be treated in private, especially if you are undergoing a surgical abortion. However, the person who is accompanying you will be able to sit in a comfortable waiting area while you are away. Knowing that they are nearby can be very reassuring and they will be there to support you before and after your consultations.

Who Should You Bring?

You can bring anyone you want to the clinic when you are having a consultation or pregnancy termination, although it is best to limit it to just one person. You might want to bring:

  • Your partner
  • A close friend
  • A family member

It is important to choose someone supportive who can help you to feel as calm and comfortable as possible throughout the process. Having someone who can drive you to and from the clinic is also important, as you won’t be able to drive or take public transport after an abortion. You might also want to ask someone to stay with you after the pregnancy termination while you are recovering. Having someone with you can be very reassuring and you’ll also be able to rely on them from practical help while you are resting. You will be able to talk with other people before and after your visit to the abortion clinic, but having someone with you on the day can make a big difference.

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