Who Can You Talk to About Abortion?

If you’re pregnant and considering having an abortion then it can be difficult to know who to turn to. Many women feel uncomfortable raising the subject of abortion with friends and family but it is important to be able to talk freely about your options and how you feel about the decision. You will get unbiased advice and a chance to voice any concerns when you visit 132 Healthwise for advice on pregnancy and abortion.

Who Can You Talk to About Abortion

Talking to Friends and Family

Telling someone you trust about your pregnancy can be an important step in making your decision about what to do. However, it is essential to ensure that you are talking to the right person. You need to be sure that you can rely on them to respect your decision and to keep your conversations private if you don’t want them shared with other people.

A recent survey of women in the UK has revealed that only 1 in 3 women would talk to a family member if they were considering an abortion. Around the same number of women would turn to a friend in this situation. The most common person who women would choose to talk to was their partner, with 62% saying that they would discuss abortion with them. Although many of the women who were surveyed said that they would have someone to talk to in this situation, 6% said that they wouldn’t tell anyone other than a doctor or medical professional.

Even if you don’t feel able to talk to anyone who is close to you, there are still places you can go to discuss your options. Your GP, sexual health specialists, and counsellors can all provide support.

Getting Expert Advice on Abortion

Talking to friends, family, or your partner can help you to process your own thoughts and feelings about the pregnancy if you have someone you can trust to support you. However, it is important to get expert advice too. It can be easier to talk to a medical professional than to someone you know. A doctor can also answer all of your medical questions about pregnancy, abortion and other issues.

The appointment will also be a chance to talk about how you’re feeling. However, you might also want to talk to a counsellor or therapist if you need extra support before or after you’ve made your decision. Whatever you decide to do about the pregnancy, this can be a very emotional period and it can help to talk to an expert about the impact it is having on you. It can be especially important if you don’t feel able to discuss these feelings with anyone who is close to you.

If you need advice on your options during pregnancy then you should make an appointment at a sexual health clinic like 132 Healthwise to talk to a doctor. You will be able to learn more about your options including continuing with the pregnancy and the various types of abortion that are available if you decide to end the pregnancy.

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