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Working Out How Long You’ve Been Pregnant

The length of your pregnancy is one of the things you will discuss with your doctor during the initial consultation at the abortion clinic in London. Knowing how long you have been pregnant will help the doctor to advise you on the options that are available if you decide to have a termination.

How to Date Your Pregnancy

You can work out how long you have been pregnant if you know the date of your last period. The first day of your period is counted as the first day of the pregnancy. If it has been six weeks since your last period started, then you are six weeks pregnant.

Although you didn’t actually conceive during your period, counting from the day when it started makes it easier to estimate the length of the pregnancy. You probably became pregnant about a couple of weeks after your period, when you were ovulating. However, it isn’t usually possible to know exactly when it happened. Most women are fertile for several days each month and you could have conceived at any point when you had sex during this time.

Dating with Ultrasound

If you aren’t sure when you had your last period, your doctor will be able to work out the length of the pregnancy when you visit the abortion clinic in London. The pregnancy can be dated accurately with a translational ultrasound scan. The scan can also detect any issues such as an ectopic pregnancy that will need to be addressed.

Why the Date Matters

It is important to know how long you have been pregnant because it will determine your options for treatment at the abortion clinic in London:

  • Medical abortions are available up to 9 weeks
  • Manual vacuum aspiration can be performed up to 12 weeks
  • Surgical abortions are usually performed before 16 weeks, but may be available later if medically necessary

Since the options that are available decrease as the pregnancy goes on, it is best to visit the abortion clinic for advice as soon as possible. The effects of the abortion tend to be milder when it is performed earlier. Talking to a doctor early on will also give you more time to make your decision.

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