It is best to avoid having sex for about two weeks after an abortion, or at least until the bleeding has stopped. As soon as you are ready to have sex again, you should start using contraception. You can get pregnant right away after an abortion. If you need help with contraception, you can ask your doctor for advice when you seek treatment at the abortion clinic in London.

Having a termination won't have any effect on your ability to get pregnant in the future. Both medical and surgical abortions are very safe. The medications and procedures used at the abortion clinic in London will not make it more difficult for you to conceive or to have a baby in the future. However, if you have a large number of abortions there is a small chance that your cervix will be weakened, which could slightly increase the risk of a late miscarriage. There are also some rare complications that could affect your future fertility.

Although the termination itself will not affect your fertility, there are some potential complications that could cause problems, particularly if they aren't treated properly. For example, if you have an infection after an abortion it could develop into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. PID can affect your ability to conceive and it can also increase the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy in the future. However, if you seek treatment right away the infection can usually be eliminated with a course of antibiotics. Other potential complications of abortion could also affect your fertility, but they are very rare. If you are concerned about future pregnancies, you can discuss the risks in detail with your doctor before the procedure.


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