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Your Ultimate Guide to Choose a Reliable Abortion Clinic

Your Ultimate Guide to Choose a Reliable Abortion Clinic

Opting to terminate a pregnancy is a difficult decision, and one that people make for many different reasons. No matter what your reasons for choosing not to continue with your pregnancy, if you do not want to have your termination on the NHS then opting to visit a private abortion clinic in London is a convenient alternative. Here are just some of the reasons why you might prefer to choose to visit a private abortion clinic rather than have your termination in an NHS hospital:

Fast and Efficient

If you are keen to terminate your pregnancy as quickly as possible then choosing to visit a private abortion clinic could well be the right option for you. Private abortions can take place without a referral from your GP, meaning that you don’t have to wait for the referral process or visit multiple different medical establishments prior to having your termination procedure. If you choose to have your termination in a private London abortion clinic then you can have your abortion with the minimal amount of disruption to your day to day life. In most cases, your termination will be carried out within 7 days of making your initial appointment.

As Discreet As Possible

Another reason many women opt to visit a private abortion clinic London rather than have an NHS termination via there GP and at their local hospital is to minimize the chance of seeing someone you know at the hospital. Your decision to have a termination is your own private business, and is not the concern of anyone else. However hospitals are busy places and it is possible that you may see someone you know when you are visiting for your termination appointment, particularly if you have friends or family members that work for the NHS. If you want your termination to be as private and as discreet as possible then an appointment at a private London abortion clinic could be the best option for you.

Support and Advice

If you are opting for a termination in a private abortion clinic, you will find that you are met with support and empathy in a non-judgemental environment. You will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable, and you will meet with two different doctors to ensure that you are completely sure and confident in your decision before the procedure takes place.

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