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Medical Abortion


Saturdays £680
Bank Holidays £780
Sunday appointments range from £780-£1200
Medical Abortion procedure
Free One post procedure consultation (Including Ultrasound Scan)

All costs (including medicines*) are covered by this fee which is comparable to other agencies. However, as opposed to other agencies 132 Healthwise offers one to one care (i.e.direct access to your consultant 24 hours a day) and prescription painkillers as part of the package.

A £100 non-refunfable deposit is payable on booking your first appointment.

*There will be an additional charge, for an anti-D injection, if your blood group is Rhesus negative.

Surgical Abortion

£1150 - £1800

Consultation and procedure £1150 - £1800
Free One post termination consultation (Including Ultrasound Scan)

Cost varies depending on stage of your pregnancy (gestation). Please also note there will be an additional fee for the Anaesthetist plus the hospital fees who charge separately.

STI Consultations


Weekends £295 ( Initial Consultation)
Follow up Consultation £180

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