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132 Healthwise is a strictly confidential service. This means that any personal and medical information we obtain from you at 132 Healthwise will not be disclosed to any others, unless you have given specific permission to do so. We fulfil all national standards for maintaining the security of your confidential information. We are able to discuss individual concerns about maintaining your confidentiality and if you prefer anonymity.

We know this can be a concern especially if you attend with your partner. Some patients request joint appointments but others do not. Unless you give your permission we will not discuss your care, results or management with your partner.

In the case of meeting you outside the clinic in a casual environment, no health care professional at 132 Healthwise will acknowledge you unless you instigate it. This is because we have a duty to you, as the patient, to keep all information completely private and we find it our responsibility to uphold the best possible care.

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