You will be seen for initial consultation and counselling at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road, Chelsea, where you will have a scan, and blood tests. If you decide to proceed with the pregnancy termination, you will then be given the abortion pill called mifepristone. This is a half-hour visit and is required, by law, to be undertaken in a licensed institution. One or two days later, you will need to take vaginal pessaries (further tablets) in order to expel the tissue. You can either be admitted to hospital for this or have the pessary administered in hospital and then go home to miscarry the pregnancy. You will be given a full explanation of what to do in either case.

The abortion starts approximately 2-4 hours after taking the pessaries and should be completed within 2 hours although sometimes it can take a little longer. During this time you may experience cramping and heavy bleeding.

Your consultant gynaecologist will be Mr Michael Stafford, who has over 25 years experience in dealing with this sensitive issue. Mr Stafford will be readily available for advice before, during and after the procedure. You will be given his telephone number.

The fee for the medical pregnancy termination is tailored to an individual's needs and a package price can be arranged if requested. The cost, however, is significantly less than packages offered at comparable central London hospitals and similar to those in stand alone facilites without direct hospital back up. A follow-up visit is included in the price.

The medical abortion pill is not available for women with a suspected ectopic pregnancy (when the pregnancy has grown outside the womb) or who have a medical history of heart / liver / kidney disease or suffer from bowel disease.

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