Does Having an Abortion Hurt?

One of the concerns that many women have when they visit the private abortion clinic in London is whether having a termination will hurt. Although the effects of the termination will depend on whether you have a medical or surgical abortion, the good news is that you shouldn’t feel any worse than when you have your period.

does abortion hurt

Medical vs. Surgical Abortion

If you are having a surgical termination, you will be offered a sedative or anaesthetic during the procedure. If you take this medication, you won’t be able to feel much during the procedure, although there could be some slight discomfort or pressure. You won’t need to have an anaesthetic for a medical termination as you will simply be taking the abortion pill at the private abortion clinic in London. However, with both types of abortion you should expect to experience some discomfort afterwards.

How You Will Feel After an Abortion

After you have a medical or surgical termination at the private abortion clinic in London, you should expect to experience some cramping and bleeding for up to two weeks. The womb lining and contents will be expelled in a similar way to having a period. The pain shouldn’t feel any worse than a normal period, but it can still be uncomfortable and it can be worse if you have an abortion later in the pregnancy. You might want to take some over the counter painkillers in order to ease the discomfort. However you should contact your doctor if the pain becomes severe or you notice any other symptoms, such as heavy bleeding. Although these complications are very rare, it is important to be aware of them so that you can seek help quickly if it is needed. Your Consultant can also advise you on pain relief after an abortion.

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