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How Medical Abortions are Changing in the UK?

Having a medical abortion can be a safe and simple option for terminating a pregnancy, but it does require multiple visits to the abortion clinic in London. However, there are signs that this might change in the future. Scotland has already offered women the choice of taking the abortion pill at home and the Welsh government is now considering doing the same. Being able to take the abortion pill at home can make the process much more convenient and comfortable for women. The evidence suggests that it is also very safe, so the way medical terminations are performed by abortion clinics in London may one day change too.

What Happens When You Have a Medical Abortion

Under the current regulations, women in England and Wales can only take the abortion pill at a clinic. If you are having a medical termination you will therefore need to complete the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation:

The first visit to an abortion clinic in London is an opportunity to discuss the options for your pregnancy with an experienced doctor. You will talk about your reasons for considering an abortion, the types of termination that are available, and whether it is the right decision for you. The doctor will also perform some medical checks to ensure you get the right care.

2. First Medical Abortion Appointment:

A medical abortion is performed using two different medications. The first abortion pill is mifepristone, which blocks the hormone that maintains your pregnancy. It is usually taken orally at the clinic, under the supervision of a doctor. You won’t usually feel any different after taking this medication.

3. Second Medical Abortion Appointment:

A second appointment will be needed 24-48 hours later. During this appointment you will take another medication called misoprostol, which will cause the contents of the womb to be expelled. It may be taken orally or as a vaginal pessary at the clinic.

4. After Taking the Abortion Pills:

Once you have taken the second medication at the clinic you should be able to go home. The womb lining will start to break down within about five hours. You will experience some cramping and bleeding as this happens, so it is important to make yourself comfortable and rest at home.

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