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Should You Have a Medical or Surgical Abortion?

The length of your pregnancy will usually determine which method of pregnancy termination is right for you, but if you are between 7 and 9 weeks pregnant it is possible to have either a medical or a surgical abortion. If you are less than seven weeks pregnant, you will usually have a medical abortion, while a surgical abortion is the usual option if you are more than nine weeks pregnant.


Choosing a Medical Abortion

Most women in this situation will choose to have a medical termination. Taking the abortion pill is very simple and it can seem less intimidating than coming into the clinic for a surgical procedure. Even though a surgical abortion is a very safe procedure that doesn’t’ require any incisions or a general anesthetic, it can still make some people feel a bit nervous. The risks of having a medical abortion are also slightly lower, for most women, so it tends to be the better option for pregnancy termination up to nine weeks.

Opting for Surgical Abortion

Although the abortion pill is the right option for most women who are between seven and nine weeks pregnant, there are some cases in which a surgical abortion is a better choice. You may simply prefer to have a surgical termination, or there may be medical reasons why it is safer for you. If you are allergic to either of the medications used during the procedure, you won’t be able to have a medical abortion. A medical termination might also be unsuitable if you are taking steroid or anticoagulant medications, you have asthma, or if you have problems with your kidneys, liver or blood clotting. Your doctor will advise you on which kinds of pregnancy termination are available for you and help you to decide on the best option.

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